How to lay your pochade pallete out.

Firstly we all have our different ways and there is no set way to lay your colours out. However if your just starting then the above arrangement is a good start.

Keep to a limited pallete helps it keeps things simple, just using yellow/red/blue and white you can pretty much mix every colour.

Artists quality paints in clockwise rotation - Titanium White - Cadmium Yellow Lemon Cadmium Yellow Medium - Red Light - Alizarin Crimson Permanent - Cobalt Blue - Ultramarine Blue.

These are the basic colours you need to mix all the colours that surround you. Keep the cool colours in the distance and warm in the foreground as a rule and with a good drawing you can't go wrong!.

Heres some useful palletes to try out

-Sienna, Light Oker and Ultramarine Blue Dark

-French Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Cadium Red, Cadium Yellow, Portland Grey Light and Portland Grey Dark.

-Cadium Medium Red, Ultramarine Blue and Lemon Yellow

-Cadium Pale Yellow, Alizarin Crimson , Ultrmarine Blue and Winsor Green.

-Yellow Ochre ,Burnt Sienna , Alizarin Crimson and Virdian

-Cobalt Blue , Napthol Red light , Arylamide Yellow and Burnt Umber

-Cadium red light, Cad Yellow Medium, Ultramarine Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Thalo Green and Cadium Orange

If you have any suggestions of other good palletes do email us and we'll list them.