Pochade Boxes




How long have you been pochade painting?

About 5 years..

What 1st got you into pochade painting?

A fellow painter saw my work in a gallery we both show in and suggested I would benefit from painting outside, from life. He gave me a guerrilla box and tripod. I soon found a group here in Austin that has regular paintouts and joined them frequently. I don’t do it as much now as I have a 3-yr-old son, but I do it when I can. I LOVE it!


What has been your best pochade place to paint or still life?

Sedona, AR.

What time of the year do you prefer to paint in terms of temperature and light?

Spring and Fall offer me the best colors.

What time of the day is your favourite?

I enjoy the yellow-orange light in the morning and evening. That said, it is much easier to paint in the middle of the day as the light remains unchanged for longer.

What pochade boxes do you use?

I have a Guerrila Box.


What do you keep in your pochade box colours, brushes etc?

I keep tubes of paint, a scraper for the glass palette, medium, and pliers for opening dried on lids of paint.

What do you prefer to paint on, canvas board, primed millboard?

I have used canvas for years but have just begun experimenting with gesso board. I really like how paint lays down on the smooth surface.

Who would you say is your favourite painter?

My favourite plein air painters are Kathryn Stats, Jill Carver and Kim English.

What do you look at in a good painting more than anything?

Brush strokes.

What is your favourite size to work on (box size)?

I like a square format best, any size, though I mostly do 6”x6” or 8”x8”.

Have you exhibited any pochades? If so where, gallery/sites/shows?

So far only in a group show with my local plein air group, Plein Air Austin, early 2008 and personal site Blog.

If you can sum up the pochade box and what it brings to you in one sentence what would that be?

My pochade box is a portable studio with which I can go anywhere in the world and fulfil my passion of painting from life!